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What is the WeCrest Suite?
The WeCrest Suite is digital business development software for intellectual property law firms worldwide. With WeCrest you can find potential clients in the blink of an eye. By accessing international IP databases, providing trademark application insights relevant to your jurisdictions, and automating customer acquisition processes, WeCrest helps you save hours each month in your business development activities. You can finally have more time to grow your law firm, make more money, and work from virtually anywhere!
Can I use WeCrest on my iPhone or Android phone?
Yes, you can use WeCrest on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. However, we recommend using a desktop computer or laptop with the Google Chrome web browser for the best user experience.

With our web-solution, you have access to all the features and updates as soon as they are released, for free. There is never a need to update. Now you can find new clients from home, on the road, after a court hearing, and even on the beach! Grow your client base and work from virtually anywhere.
What are the benefits for me?
With WeCrest you can find new clients easily and fast. You can save valuable time each month and focus on your most precious assets, your clients. WeCrest is currently the only software on the market that provides provisional trademark refusal insights relevant to your jurisdictions. With the WeCrest Suite, you can secure your competitive advantage in the fierce IP market place.


Do I need a credit card?
Absolutely not! Just enter your email address to try it for free. Later, you can upgrade your account by providing your credit card details or contact us for a bank transfer.
How much does it cost?
Pricing is shown above and depends on your jurisdictions and chosen plan. You can save 15% if you pay annually.
How come your price is so low?
By making the software so intuitive, easy to use, and user friendly, we eliminate the need for long webinars, and thereby reduce a multitude of typical support questions. Thus, we keep our overheads low and pass the savings on to you.
What happens if I need to freeze my account?
If you have a few months left on your annual subscription, you will be able to continue using it until it expires.

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