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Access provisional Madrid trademark refusals in your jurisdiction and acquire new clients.
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Are you a trademark attorney with ambitions to grow? We’ve helped 130+ IP law firms increase their inbound trademark refusal cases.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, a boutique
firm, or a full service law firm, we can help.
First Madrid trademark intelligence platform
Inform clients through email about refusals before they assign their case to a local agent.
Global coverage (120+ Madrid jurisdictions)
Find all rejected TM applications.
Get full case details and refusal notice
Know more about the case than the client.
120+ members
Proven results for reputable firms around the world.
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“WeCrest has enabled us to grow our client portfolio and let our firm's services be known by worldwide prospect clients.”
Ms. Deyanirr Nocetti
Senior Associate, TMI Abogados
“The WeCrest team is always at hand to help and provide additional hints & tips to get even more out of the WeCrest Suite.”
Mr. Jens-Christian Jahnke
Partner, Balder IP
“Whilst we have only recently started using the system, we have had positive results from a number of associates responding to us and forming connections with other IP professionals.”
Ms. Zhi Ling Zeng
Managing Partner, Lord & Co
“Our experience with WeCrest is impressive. The simplified design and the clear list of countries on the website make it easy to operate and filter information.”
Mr. Xiaoming Liu
Partner, Chofn IP
"We have found the WeCrest database to be very accurate and the back end auto-generated client outreach email format makes our contacting of clients very efficient."
Mr. Alan Adcock
Partner, Tilleke & Gibbins
"WeCrest has enabled us to process large amounts of data and work in a matter of minutes. Our use of their system has opened our eyes to new possibilities in the future."
Mr. Alexander S. Messerer
Business Development Advisor, Moeller IP
"The information is easily accessible, and the database is extremely user-friendly. Every time we want to understand the trademark trends in a jurisdiction, we turn to WeCrest."
Ms. Sonal Madan
Partner, Chadha & Chadha
Send emails through WeCrest’s Madrid Notifier to international clients with active refusal cases in your jurisdiction. Easy and effective.
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Identify the trademark holder, representative and their country.
Every day you have the latest cases in your account.
Identify the trademark holder, representative and their country.
Identify every case with the international registration (IR) bumber
Every day you have the latests cases in your account
Create your own email template or personalize your email before sending.
Send emails directly from your WeCrest account using your own business email address.
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Identify firms worldwide with the most cases
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See case numbers of specific firms
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Identify your target countries for growth
Madrid Statistics
Expand your services to other countries
See which IP firms have the most provisional trademark refusal cases in your jurisdiction. Now, you know who to meet at the next conference or virtual meeting.
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Search for an IP firm name and see how many cases they have in your jurisdiction and all the case details. For example, did your client send you all their refusal cases in the past month?
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Focus on the countries with the most cases. Now, you know where your next business trip will take you or what country-specific content you want to show your future clients on your website.
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See provisional refusal numbers of every Madrid jurisdiction worldwide. Expand your country coverage by adding more jurisdictions to your WeCrest account.
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Find out what more you can achieve with WeCrest
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