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to grow their client base effectively and fast.

  • Save hours each month
    1. Find most relevant clients
    2. Automate your marketing efforts
    3. Focus on relevant jurisdictions
  • Work from anywhere
    1. Work anywhere with our mobile solution
    2. Send targeted emails to potential clients
    3. Manage your client aquisition from any device
  • Use Big Data
    1. Know your clients trademark activities
    2. Have an information advantage over other law firms
    3. Use global IP data easy and fast
    4. See trademark refusals from over 80 jurisdictions in real-time

Data-driven marketing

Find potential clients

WeCrest automatically finds international trademark
registrations that have been provisionally refused by the
IP office in your jurisdiction.

Focus your efforts only on high potential clients
concerning your jurisdiction.

Send out targeted emails

For each provisional refusal found, the Madrid Notifier
sends an informational email of your design and
in your name, along with a copy of the provisional refusal,
directly to the trademark holder or their representative.

Connect directly with your potential clients.

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Priceless trademark application insights at your fingertips

You can generate rankings of filers of
international?(Madrid) trademark applications
that have been provisionally refused in your jurisdictions.

Discover which client has the highest potential for you.

Find specific filers of international trademark applications

With WeCrest’s advanced search capabilities, you will
be able to generate filing stats of a specific holder or
representative of international(Madrid) trademark applications.

See exactly who has filed what trademark and when.

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