Turn Madrid trademark refusals into new clients and more cases

WeCrest helps you connect with international clients and grow your trademark business. Our Madrid Notifier and email marketing platform are so easy to use you’ll spend less time finding clients and more time helping them.
WeCrest delivers to you every Madrid trademark refusal designating your jurisdiction – every day.

Contact your current clients or get in touch with new clients about their refusals.
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Email new clients in two minutes
Quickly get in touch with a client regarding an active refusal case, using a personalized email template.
Official refusal PDF from WIPO
The official refusal document is automatically attached to your emails. Show your clients that you're ready to work immediately on the case.
Powerful search tools
You can search for specific IP firms and holders and review all their refusal cases. Be prepared for meetings and understand  your clients’ needs.
We help you get started
Your success using WeCrest is our success. We provide a complimentary onboarding call for every new WeCrest member.
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Focus your business development activities on the top filers. Contact and meet only those clients that are actually worth meeting. Your time is precious.
Identify the international clients with the most Madrid trademark refusal cases in your jurisdiction.

Save valuable time by only meeting highly qualified leads, not chasing dead ends.
See whether your long-standing international clients have sent you all their refusal cases. Use this information to negotiate reciprocity agreements.
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Focus on the countries with the most cases. Now, you know where your next business trip will take you.

Tailor your PR and thought leadership strategy to the needs of your target countries.
See provisional refusal numbers of all Madrid jurisdictions. Add more jurisdictions to your WeCrest account to access more markets.
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Below are some commonly asked questions about our product. Feel free to contact us if your question is not here.
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How often is the Madrid trademark refusal data updated?
How many devices can be used simultaneously per account?
How many other firms use WeCrest in my jurisdiction?
How do I know WeCrest actually works?
Do you provide email addresses of attorneys?
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Schedule a free demo with us to really understand what WeCrest can do for your trademark business development.
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