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Finding new clients was never this easy

IP law firms in over 120 countries can use the WeCrest Suite
to grow their client base effectively and fast.

  • Save hours each month
    1. Find the most relevant clients
    2. Automate your marketing efforts
    3. Focus on relevant jurisdictions
    4. Only meet the clients with the cases
  • Work from anywhere
    1. Work anywhere with our mobile solution
    2. Send targeted emails to potential clients
    3. Manage your client aquisition from any device
  • Use big data
    1. Know your clients' trademark activities
    2. Have an information advantage over other law firms
    3. Use global IP data easy and fast
    4. See trademark refusals from over 100 jurisdictions in real-time

Data-driven marketing

Find the clients with the cases

WeCrest allows you to generate rankings of the top
filers of provisionally refused international trademark
registrations. Use these rankings to focus your business
development activities. Contact and meet only those
clients that are actually worth meeting.

Intuitive user interface

You can easily customize which data to output.
Select in which countries you would like to find clients
and the jurisdictions that you practice in. Choose
whether you are interested in representatives (law
firms), holders (corporations) or both. You can even
search for clients in a specific city.

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See how you can turn provisional refusals into new cases.

Get access to every provisional refusal

WeCrest delivers to you every single provisional refusal
notification issued in your jurisdictions in real-time. Be
aware of your clients' filing activities and find dozens
of new potential clients every day.

Automated email sending

WeCrest's patent-pending Madrid Notifier allows you
to automatically send fully customized emails to your
potential clients and generate actual work. Send
targeted and informative emails instead of the generic
newsletter-type emails that your competitors rely on.

First-class customer service

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