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2022 INTA Annual Meeting Survey

‍“Are you attending the 2022 INTA Annual Meeting in person in Washington, DC?”

From 19 January to 2 February 2022, we conducted a survey among international trademark attorneys to gauge the likely level of attendance of the 2022 INTA Annual Meeting. We conducted the survey to help trademark attorneys in their business development planning for 2022.

We contacted 5,951 randomly selected trademark attorneys around the world by email and invited them to participate in our survey. 141 individuals responded to the survey.

The survey consisted of one simple question:

“Are you attending the 2022 INTA Annual Meeting in person in Washington, DC?”

Respondents were asked to select from the following options:

  1. Very unlikely
  2. Somewhat unlikely
  3. Somewhat likely
  4. Very likely

We also asked respondents to identify their region of origin from the following options:

  1. USA & Canada
  2. Latin America
  3. Europe (EU)
  4. Europe (non-EU)
  5. North Africa (Maghreb)
  6. Sub-Saharan Africa
  7. Middle East
  8. Russia & Former Soviet states
  9. South East Asia & India
  10. Greater China
  11. East Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan)
  12. Australia & Pacific

Notably, there were no responses from Greater China, presumably because the survey was carried out with Google Surveys, and Google services are blocked in China. There were also no respondents from Russia & Former Soviet states nor from Sub-Saharan Africa.

A breakdown of respondents by region of origin is shown in the chart below:

The overall results are interesting, but not surprising, given the state of uncertainty regarding international travel and large scale events due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The majority of respondents (41.1%) stated that they were highly unlikely to attend, and an absolute majority (63.8%) stated that they were highly or somewhat unlikely to attend. The only demographic that stated they were more likely to attend than not was respondents from Latin America.

In summary, our survey results suggest that many trademark professionals still have big doubts about attending the 2022 INTA Annual Meeting, and that attendance will likely be considerably lower than in non-pandemic times.

The overall results are shown in the chart below:

The results by region of origin are shown in the 9 charts below:

2022 INTA Annual Meeting Survey
Benjamin Morris
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