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Alyafi IP Group (UAE)

"WeCrest helped us to get in touch with new clients."

Alyafi IP Group's aim is to identify, protect, manage, and help you capitalize on your intellectual property (IP) for commercial gains, and to get the maximum benefit out of your intellectual property (IP) portfolio. Alyafi's approach has enabled the firm to foster meaningful and highly personalized relationships with their clients, as they put their experience to work and commit to providing the very best options for their clients' growing business. Alyafi's area of coverage encompasses Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Gaza, Iraq, Jordan, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, UAE, West Bank, and Yemen.

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Alyafi IP Group's Tima Hachem concisely summarizes her firm's experience with WeCrest as follows:

"WeCrest helped us to get in touch with new clients."
Alyafi IP Group (UAE)

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