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Cuesta Lawyers (Colombia)

How Cuesta Lawyers uses WeCrest’s IP insights to develop their business strategies

Cuesta Lawyers is a boutique law firm focused on IP and corporate law, founded in 1988. Its IP department is very well known among both clients and international IP colleagues due to its  high quality service it provides, with quick and accurate responses.

Besides traditional IP services such as registration, litigation, prosecution, trademark watching, among others, Cuesta Lawyers is a leader in newer areas such as non-traditional TM (color TM, sound TM, motion TM), and TM infringement at marketplaces and social media platforms. These services and strategies make them not only a leading firm in Colombia, but also across Latin America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.

The Cuesta Lawyers team describes its positive experience with WeCrest:

“We have been using WeCrest for two years now, and this tool is awesome. Not only does it help to monitor trademarks, but it also is the ideal marketing tool. We can access top IP firms who submit trademark applications in our country, as well as statistics regarding trademark filings in Colombia. We strongly recommend this software.”

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Cuesta Lawyers (Colombia)
Sally Shin
After obtaining her dual Master's degree in management at Korea University and ESCP Business School Paris, Sally found her next challenge at WeCrest in launching strategic sales and marketing initiatives. Throughout her studies, she has carried out various internships and projects helping organizations such as Renault and Hilti optimize their management control practices. Additionally, she also has experience with top intellectual property firms in Korea from her undergraduate years, giving her a solid understanding of the industry to help strategically position WeCrest to succeed.

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