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Intellectual Design Group Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

"WeCrest has provided a convenient solution, allowing us to expand our markets to destinations we've never reached before."

IDG is a performance-driven intellectual property and innovation consulting firm dedicated to designing, protecting, and commercializing businesses and intellectual assets in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Thailand and with offices in Singapore, Myanmar, and Japan, IDG has more than 45 professionals, including IP attorneys, innovation strategists, brand designers, engineers and specialists, highly experienced in the Thai and ASEAN markets, supporting businesses ranging from SMEs and start-ups to big enterprises.

IDG is trusted by more than 4,000 companies and is partnered with various social organizations and governmental agencies worldwide. IDG is committed to bringing awareness and additional value to clients' intangible assets and innovations by utilizing a unique approach of IDG's complete solutions, starting from go-to-market consultation to market entry, providing market research, IP registration, prosecution, company registration and regulatory services, to in-market and business growth services with FDA registration, brand localization, marketing, licensing, and franchising.

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IDG's Director of International Operations, Pichamon Chantarapakdee, explains the impact WeCrest has had on her firm's work:

"WeCrest has provided a convenient and quick-access solution for our work, making it easier and more efficient to reach new leads and clients from abroad, allowing us to expand our markets to destinations we've never reached before. WeCrest's tools satisfy many of our needs, not only in terms of business development, but also for managing existing partners' cases, managing case deadlines, and tracking analytics useful for planning our business strategies."
Intellectual Design Group Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

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