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IP Wisely (Spain)

How IP Wisely utilized WeCrest tools to expanding its service reach to more clients

IP Wisley is able to provide quality advice on intellectual property matters across all industries in a world where international companies require a law firm that provides a wide variety of cost-effective solutions across all businesses.

From the experience garnered from years of working with some of the largest international IP firms, IP Wisely is able to provide an affordable and personal service supplied by a team of specialist attorneys well-versed in the complexities of international IP law. It utilizes strategies based on an international and multicultural approach to the law.

IP Wisely provides a full range of European and International Intellectual Property services (contentious and non-contentious), with a focus on trademark searches,  filing strategies, oppositions and cancellations actions, brand protection and defense, Trademark and unfair competition litigation, Patent Prosecution, as well as the structuring, drafting, reviewing, negotiation and renegotiation of IP deals,  providing a unique multi-cultural approach.

In having come onboard with WeCrest, Founding Partner at IP Wisely, Riccardo Ciullo, shares how his firm has utilized WeCrest tools to expanding his service reach to more clients as well as growing his network in the IP industry worldwide:

"As far as our experience with WeCrest is concerned, it has been and continues to be extraordinary. It is very user friendly and you can obtain all kinds of information by selecting the filters that the database puts at your disposal.  In our case, it's been a very useful tool when it comes to obtaining information on the international trademarks that have been refused for some reasons in the EU, so that we can contact the potential client and offer an initial complimentary advice to solve the problem. Thanks to WeCrest, we have been able to assist a large number of new clients and it's still contributing to enlarging our network of law firm partners all around the world.”

Find out more about IP Wisely here:

IP Wisely (Spain)
Ray Davies
After obtaining his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Guelph in Canada, Ray worked in the financial industry in Toronto as a client relations specialist for several years before embarking on a journey to live and work in South Korea. Over the past decade, Ray has amassed a wealth of experience, from conducting presentation courses at the largest hospitals in Seoul, to running his own education business, to starting a career in broadcasting. Ray is a daily guest on the EBS Morning Special radio show in Korea. After collaborating with Benjamin Morris on a few projects, Ray became very intrigued with WeCrest and the IP industry and took the opportunity to join the company in 2021.

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