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Law Firm Vukina & Partners Ltd. (Croatia)

"My favorite WeCrest feature is that WeCrest automatically offers websites and email addresses of our prospective clients."

Law Firm Vukina & Partners Ltd. is committed to providing top tier legal consulting services and representation in the area of intellectual property law. Over the years, this leading law firm has gained specific knowledge and experience in the area of intellectual property law, and the firm remains at the cutting edge of the field. Law Firm Vukina & Partners regularly advises clients on intellectual property related matters, including registration of trademarks, designs and patents before the Croatian authorities but also the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and European Patent Office. Guided by a business mindset and aware of the value and market advantage intellectual property creates, the firm pays special attention to providing added value to its clients in relation to all intellectual property matters.

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Law Firm Vukina & Partners Ltd.'s Mislav Vukina shares his favorite feature of WeCrest:

"WeCrest helps us reach international clients more easily and provides us with a potential new workflow which would otherwise not be accessible to us due to geographical and time differences between us and the clients. WeCrest represents a valuable addition to our business development strategy and enables us to provide more legal services to clients from countries outside Europe. My favorite WeCrest feature is the possibility that WeCrest often automatically offers websites and potential email addresses of our prospective clients."

Law Firm Vukina & Partners Ltd. (Croatia)

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