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Lord & Company (Australia)

Lord & Co's journey in providing top tier service globally with WeCrest

An established Australian Patent and Trademark firm based in Perth, Lord & Co has been providing valuable advice and legal services to those who seek to protect their IP rights in Australia and Zealand for over 40 years.

The team specializes in a wide range of technical disciplines, including biotechnology and engineering, and strives to provide tailored and dedicated services to each and every client. The firm has extensive experience in a wide range of industries such as but not limited to communication, IT, food and agricultural and the manufacturing sector.

Over the years, Lord & Co has built and maintained countless close affiliations with law firms around the world to ensure the best possible service both internationally and locally. WeCrest’s software has enabled to take this one step further, as described by Managing Partner Zhi Ling Zeng below:

“We commenced integration of the WeCrest Suite of tools in February 2021. Whilst we have only recently started using the system we have had positive results from a number of associates responding to us and forming connections with other IP professionals. The software has been simple to use and produces outputs that are easily manageable for further data manipulation. We also foresee that the information collected by WeCrest will be beneficial to us in reviewing and analyzing industry trends. Lord & Company sees WeCrest as a helpful  tool for business development and for analyzing and interpreting intellectual property systems.”

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Lord & Company (Australia)
Ray Davies
After obtaining his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Guelph in Canada, Ray worked in the financial industry in Toronto as a client relations specialist for several years before embarking on a journey to live and work in South Korea. Over the past decade, Ray has amassed a wealth of experience, from conducting presentation courses at the largest hospitals in Seoul, to running his own education business, to starting a career in broadcasting. Ray is a daily guest on the EBS Morning Special radio show in Korea. After collaborating with Benjamin Morris on a few projects, Ray became very intrigued with WeCrest and the IP industry and took the opportunity to join the company in 2021.

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