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Plus One Adoption Foundation

A huge shout out to Michele Katz, founder of Advitam IP, for establishing such a meaningful foundation! Plus One Adoption Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides resources to those considering the child adoption option. The Foundation has an extensive database of information and offers to "discuss at no charge what might be the next step in your adoption journey and refer consultants, agencies, attorneys and/or post-placement therapists that fit your current vision.". It also aims to financially support families for fees associated with the adoption process, and is therefore actively raising money continuously to promote the research, education and public awareness surrounding the adoption of children.

Join WeCrest in providing more awareness about adoption by donating to this beautiful cause here!

A few bullet points on who they are and what they do:

  • Plus One Adoption is not an adoption agency. You can contact them on Instagram (@plusoneadoption) or to be connected with resources, free of charge.
  • Plus One Adoption currently operates within the United States only. It hopes to aid families internationally one day!
  • Plus One Adoption does not provide legal advice.

For more information, please feel free to visit their Instagram page at or their website at

Plus One Adoption Foundation
Sally Shin
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