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Santamarina + Steta (Mexico)

"WeCrest has helped us to anticipate the needs of our current clients and connect with new ones."

Santamarina + Steta is an expert firm in the field of intangible assets and intellectual property, with emphasis on the protection and defense of trademarks, trade names and notices, patents, utility models and industrial designs, trade secrets, transfer of technology, copyrights, franchises and licenses, plant varieties, protection and monetization of personal data, domain names and other related rights.

Santamarina + Steta represents clients in the automotive, alcoholic beverage, consumer goods, entertainment, pharma, fashion and cosmetics industries, among others.

The firm develops strategies and prepares and prosecutes infringement, cancellation and non-use cancellation actions, and claims for damages based on IP rights, appeals before federal administrative courts, as well as constitutional appeals and reviews before the Supreme Court.

Finally, it is important to mention that Santamarina + Steta is full service and has specialization in multiple law areas in addition to IP, which allows the firm to offer opinions and strategies that take into consideration the needs of its clients beyond IP matters.

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Daniel Legaspi, IP Partner in the firm's Mexico City office, praises WeCrest's utility:

"WeCrest has helped us to anticipate the needs of our current clients and connect with new ones. It has allowed us to make our fees and the way we work known to firms in other countries. We are very pleased with the service this tool offers us."
Santamarina + Steta (Mexico)

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